Happy Box 4 Happy Homes

Since 2015, chillbox has decided to embark on a big voluntary initiative that will also take place outside Greece in every country with chillbox stores.

Taking place in 14 countries and on three continents, the effort aims to help make the lives of disadvantaged children easier and safer.

We will be achieving this through a special happy box designed for children who visit our stores. Every time a child chooses a happy box, he or she will also receive a gift while chillbox will donate its profits for every box to ActionAid.

The specific aim of ActionAid for the chillbox donation is to support Happy Homes for homeless girls in Bangladesh.

The gifts in the Happy Box form a collection of six animal keyrings in pouches with the chillbox logo.

The charge for the gift is €0.60.

At the same time, anyone who wants to contribute more or without buying a happy box can visit www.actionaid.gr/happyhomes to make a donation directly and to find out more about the Organization programme.

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